How to Make Botox Last Longer

How to Make Botox Last Longer

Botox Newark DE | Premier Spa and Laser CenterToday thousands of people are enjoying the plumping and freezing effects of Botox. However, similar to many other cosmetic treatments, the Botox injection is temporary -usually lasting for four to six months- until your wrinkles develop again. This leaves many people wondering how to make their Botox Newark DE last longer between appointments.

Follow Post-Injection Instructions

The first few minutes and 48 hours immediately following Botox injection are the most important in extending the life of your treatment. Your experienced nurse injector will provide specific recommendations and guidelines on post-treatment care and activity. One of the most important to remember is to make extremely expressive facial movements such as smiling, frowning, yawning, and widening the eyes all help to distribute the medicine more evenly within the treated areas. These movements are not harmful to the product, but be mindful to avoid rubbing or massaging the face. This can cause the medicine to move around to other areas of the face that were not meant to be treated. Carefully listening to the provider explain steps to take is crucial to extending the longevity of the treatment.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Whether you just received your injections or weeks have gone by, it is always important to limit direct sun and UV light exposure. Sun damage is known to cause a number of skin problems but two of the most common are fine lines and wrinkles. The wrinkles caused by the sun are superficial and are not responsive to Botox Newark DE because the medicine targets the deep lines caused by muscle movement.

Pair Botox with Other Stimulating Skincare Ingredients

Wrinkles develop because of muscle movement and folding. To help your skin prevent wrinkles from the outside in, completing a skincare regimen regularly can aid in strengthening and plumping. Incorporating serums and creams that boost collagen production, moisturize and hydrate, and contain antioxidants such as vitamin C, are all helpful to maintain a protected and wrinkle-free face.

Keep Stress Levels Low

Lastly, decreasing or eliminating daily stressors can be a great tool to help your Botox Newark DE last as long as possible. The facial movements that are caused by stressful situations are what caused the wrinkles in the first place, so while those movements may not seem to affect much at first, they are what bring the wrinkles right back into existence. Meditation or visiting Premier Spa for a relaxing experience are great ways to relieve stress and prolong your Botox injections.

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