IPL or high-intensity pulse light therapy is another option for those who do not have the downtime or may not be an ideal candidate for laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels. Our IPL device uses a combination of radio frequency and broad-spectrum light to safely fade or eliminate sun spots, facial flushing, broken capillaries, freckles, redness, and more. Treatment to the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands are the most common areas, but we can treat the back and legs as well. We recommend avoiding sun exposure during times of this treatment as it cannot be done on tanned skin or darker skin tones.

Typically treatment protocol includes 3-5 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart to obtain best results. The total number of treatment sessions will vary depending on the condition of your skin. There is little to no downtime following this procedure. You may see an increase in redness directly following your treatment, but this subsides within a few hours. You will see an increase in pigmentation following your treatment since the underlying sun damage in the skin is pushed up to the surface. Post-treatment, you will notice tone and texture improvements as a result of increased levels of beneficial collagen and new healthy skin cells and reduction of sun damage.