SylfirmX Microneedling

Welcome to the first and ONLY FDA-Cleared pulsed wave and continuous pulsed wave radio frequency and microneedling device! Unlike other microneedling devices, Sylfirm X is able to target the skin at precise depths without excess heat that can be damaging to the skin. The needles remain in the skin for the optimal time required to bring about a desired effect before any thermal injury can occur. Additionally, the non-insulated electrodes mean minimal downtime and little to no pain for patients!

Slyfirm X improves skin health by repairing damaged skin cells, blood vessels and remodeling collagen through an increase of the production of collagen and elastin. Sylfirm’s continuous wave mode stimulates collagen coagulation which in turn brings about a wound healing process and dermal remodeling. Patients will see skin rejuvenation as well as tightening and lifting effects.

Add on:

Exosomes: the rapid release of growth factors in exosomes promotes the body’s natural healing process. This leads to an improvement in both the appearance and texture of your skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. This is a great way to boost any procedure by being applied directly to the skin.

*must wait 14 days post any injections for facial treatments*

Before: Avoid retinol 5 days prior. Cannot receive treatment with active cold sores or a sunburn.

During: You will experience a mild snapping sensation.

After: You will leave with mild redness to the area treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Candidates need to be in good physical health and free of medical issues that interfere with blood clotting and/or compromise the immune system. Patients who are prone to keloid scars may be better candidates for alternative treatments.

    Men and women who want to achieve more youthful-looking skin and correct skin discoloration due to pigmentation or broken blood vessels can be good candidates for Sylfirm X. Unlike other RF microneedling systems, Sylfirm X can be used to treat patients of darker skin tones, as well as patients with lighter skin.

  • As the World’s First FDA - approved for Pulsed & Continuous Wave Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling Device, Sylfirm X is an emerging Dual Wave RF device that can be used across different skin types for multiple benefits with the Xceptional 300 micron depth. Precise thermal coagulation is created by using evenly-leveled electrodes to penetrate precise depths.

  • Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. We do apply a numbing cream prior to the treatment. Some people report slight discomfort while others do not feel anything at all.

  • You can expect to see significant improvement in 3 sessions 4-6 weeks apart.

  • You can expect little to no downtime, certain patients may see some redness and light flushing but they will still be able to proceed with daily activities. Do remember to use sunblock to protect your skin.