Clear & Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant is a treatment that utilizes fractional laser technology to address and help prevent early signs of aging for both men and women of all skin types. The Clear + Brilliant technology is a perfect way to address skin concerns without resorting to more aggressive laser resurfacing treatments. Since the Clear + Brilliant laser is a gentle yet effective skincare treatment, patients can expect improved skin tone, smoother texture, and softer, glowing skin.

Utilizing proven proprietary fractional laser science and technology, the Clear + Brilliant laser system creates an array of microscopic lesions across the surface of the skin with each pass of the handpiece. It’s patented technology creates a pattern on the skin – tiny lesions that are surrounded by large areas of healthy skin – to help promote quick healing with little or no social downtime. The healthy skin helps turn over the tiny lesions in a matter of days, revealing the fresh, smoother, more youthful glowing skin below.

This device offers two handpieces. The Clear + Brilliant Perméa laser offers visible enhancements in tone and radiance, while the original Clear + Brilliant laser is optimized to improve your skin’s texture.

*must wait 14 days post any injections for facial treatments*

Before: Avoid retinol 5 days prior. Cannot receive treatment with active cold sores or a sunburn.

During: You will experience a mild tingling sensation.

After: You will leave with what looks like a mild sunburn.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Clear + Brilliant® works by creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, which replaces damaged skin with healthy looking tissue and yields younger-looking skin.

  • Clear + Brilliant® treatments take about 30 minutes or less. However, total appointment times will vary.

  • The number of treatments is tailored to your concerns and skincare desires. In recent studies, consumers reported visible improvements after 4-6 treatments, though many patients choose to have routine treatments as part of their overall skincare regimen. Your skincare provider will discuss a personalized treatment regimen with you.

  • Within a week or two after one treatment, your skin will star to feel softer and look brighter. Results can last for months depending on age, skin condition, and how you protect your skin.