At some point in our lives, we have all dealt with some form of acne (pimples, pustular, cystic, blackheads, and whiteheads). Acne is directly related to excessive production of sebum which can clog our pores. Acne is commonly seen in teens and women (before their periods) since their bodies are going through hormonal changes. During these changes, our sebaceous glands are excessively producing sebum. The excess sebum causes the regular bacteria that live in our skin to multiply inside our pores. The result is an inflammation in the pore or pimple.

Our first reaction when we see a pimple is to pop it. We do not recommend you do that. By popping your pimple, you are pushing the infected material further into the skin, which can lead to infection and increase your risk of scarring.
However, we do recommend Isolaz. Isolaz is a unique acne therapy that combines vacuum and painless broadband light to deep clean and purifies our pores from the inside out. It is a reliable and effective acne therapy, with quick and long-lasting results for all skin types. It can be used to treat the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders. On average, we recommend four to six treatments, but many of our clients will schedule every one to two weeks until they have reached their desired result. Periodic appointments can be planned to maintain your clear skin or treat a sudden outbreak.
The blackhead and whiteheads that are not affected by Isolaz are extracted manually by the aesthetician. More aggressive Isolaz treatments may include microdermabrasion or a chemical peel before or after. You may experience an increase in redness to the treated area following your procedure. This redness will subside after a few hours.

Over the counter-products are not always adequate. Our aestheticians will customize a take-home skincare regimen with our pharmaceutical-grade products to compliment your Isolaz treatment.
If you do not already have a dermatologist, our aestheticians may refer you to one of our board-certified dermatologists at Premier Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery. They can further enhance your results with prescription creams/gels and oral medications.