What Causes Wrinkles in Your Skin?

What Causes Wrinkles in Your Skin?

Crow’s feet, expression lines, mouth frowns, necklines, the list goes on and on. As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and flexibility causing permanent grooves and wrinkles. Though wrinkles naturally occur with age, there are other factors that speed up the aging process. Slow down the process with treatments such as the ones at Premier Spa and Laser Center. Wrinkled Skin | Premier Spa and Laser Center

Sun Exposure

Ultraviolet (UV) light breaks down the collagen and elasticity of the skin. As the elastin fibers break down, the connective tissue that supports the skin becomes weaker and inflexible causing the skin to drop and form wrinkles. UV exposure from tanning beds, sunbathing, and outdoor activities increase the development of wrinkles. Therefore, individuals that work in sunlight have a higher chance of early wrinkles. Premier Spa and Laser Center recommends wearing sunscreen daily to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.


Our lifestyle greatly contributes to the health of our skin from the foods we consume to the products we use. Did you know wrinkles can be caused by dehydration? That’s right! Alcohol and smoking dehydrate the skin which in turn makes the skin dry and more likely to develop wrinkles. Regular smoking also accelerates the aging process by reducing blood supply to the skin. Premier Spa and Laser Center recommends drinking the recommended daily amount of water every day along with implementing lifestyle changes.


Once the basics are taken into consideration, then you are able to look into the many treatments available to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Premier Spa and Laser Center offer anti-aging treatments such as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), sublative, chemical peels, enzymes, and Clear + Brilliant. Neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport can help delay, alleviate, or soften expression lines in the frown, forehead, and eye areas. Treatments such as chemical peels and topical creams can help stimulate collagen growth, which over time, begins to dissipate. Come into Premier Spa and Laser Center today for a consultation with our licensed aestheticians that will review your options to correct your concerns.

Premier Spa and Laser Center

Stress, smoking, sun exposure, and diet are just a few things that play havoc on our skin and health but they can be addressed quickly with lifestyle changes, unlike our genetic make-up. With our deep understanding and appreciation for aesthetic concerns at all ages, the service offerings are based around the common conditions that both women and men experience. The physicians have carefully selected each technology based on its safety profile and proven scientific results. Premier Spa and Laser Center’s mission is to provide clients a place where comfort, beauty, and personalized attention combine to create a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Contact us or schedule your complimentary consultation today!


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