Microneedling Benefits For Your Skin

Microneedling Benefits For Your Skin

microneedling DelawareAs we grow older, the elasticity of our skin diminishes, and collagen production declines, resulting in the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and a lackluster complexion. Micro-needling is a minimally invasive skincare procedure that can effectively address these signs of aging. If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of micro-needling, schedule an appointment at Premier Spa & Laser Center, a reputable spa in Newark DE. Our expert estheticians and dermatologists specialize in microneedling Delaware services to help you achieve your skincare goals.

Increased Collagen Production

Collagen, a protein responsible for the elasticity and fullness of our skin, diminishes as we grow older, causing skin sagging and wrinkles to appear. Micro-needling aids in stimulating collagen production through the creation of tiny micro-injuries on the skin’s surface, prompting the body’s innate healing response. This response boosts collagen production, leading to firmer and refined skin.

Reduced Appearance of Scars and Hyperpigmentation

Micro-needling is an effective method for diminishing the visibility of scars and hyperpigmentation. The micro-injuries created during the treatment can break up scar tissue and trigger the production of new, healthy skin cells. This process can result in scar reduction and the achievement of a more uniform skin tone.

Increased Absorption of Skincare Products

Micro-needling can also help to increase the absorption of skincare products. The micro-injuries created during the treatment can unclog channels in the skin, allowing for better absorption of serums and other skincare products. This technique can lead to more effective results in your skincare routine.

Microneedling Delaware | Premier Spa & Laser Center

Micro-needling is a versatile and effective skincare treatment that can help to combat the signs of aging, reduce the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation, and increase the absorption of skincare products. If you’re interested in trying microneedling Delaware, visit Premier Spa & Laser Center, a spa in Newark Delaware. Our expert team and impressive facilities ensure a rejuvenating and effective micro-needling experience tailored to your specific skincare needs.


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