Start 2019 with a Fresh Face – Facial Services

Start 2019 with a Fresh Face – Facial Services

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There’s nothing like treating yourself to a day at the spa but what’s even better is giving your skin the love and attention that it so badly craves. These days, everything is about treating your skin right and avoiding aging. Preventing or getting rid of those fine lines and wrinkles and treating issues associated with everyday elements in the air, light, and overall environment. Always making sure you put your best face forward. At Premier Spa in Newark, Delaware, we strive to be your skin gurus. With a variety of spa services, we make sure that your skin is taken care of the best way possible.

Fresh and Radiating Skin

So, what is so great about a facial and what does it do for you and your skin? Not only do facials help you relax, but they improve the appearance and overall health of your skin. They are typically applied to not just your face but also, your neck and decollete. Doing this helps prevent and treat skin issues. The first thing that facials provide is the removal of dead skin cells. Starting here gives your skin a clean slate to prevent and treat the underlying issues. After removing the dead skin cells, your pores are cleaned out which removes dirt, oil, and anything else trapped. This will all, in turn, give you healthier, more moisturized, skin.

Different Purposes For Different Skin Types

There are all different types of facials that you can get. Some of the most popular are; anti-aging, acne prevention, microdermabrasion, deep cleansing, and brightening facials. Understanding the issues you are trying to prevent or get rid of will help you determine which would be the best for you and your skin type. This is something that the aestheticians at Premier Spa and Laser Center can assist you with.

Talk to Your Aesthetician

The best way to prepare for your facial is to know exactly what products you are using to inform your aesthetician. It is important that they know what is already on your skin prior to administering the facial. Avoid exfoliating for a few days and avoid shaving the day of. Also, avoid the sun prior to your facial as sunburn is not an ideal skin condition to perform a facial on. Most importantly, if you have an important or special event that you are attending prior to your facial, do not book your appointment the day of. It is recommended that the facial is completed a few days prior. The reason for this is that you can experience post-treatment breakouts. To minimize this as well as redness and irritation, it is important that you follow the instructions provided to you by your aesthetician the days following.

So, schedule your appointment with Premier Spa and Laser Center in Newark, Delaware, and experience relaxation and feel refreshed. Put your best face forward and show the world your well taken care of skin!


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