Enlighten Tattoo Removal

Enlighten Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal | Premier Spa & Laser Center | Newark DE

When deciding on getting a tattoo placed on your body you hear the question, at least one time, “Do you really want to get something permanent on your body?”. What happens when that question becomes a valid concern after you have already gotten said tattoo? What about that tattoo you got years ago without thinking or thought it was a perfect idea at the moment? There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to tattoo removal but, can tattoos really be removed? Great news, they can! Enlighten tattoo removal is now available at Premier Spa, the premier location for all of your spa needs in Delaware. Interested? Keep reading!

Enlighten Tattoo Removal

Premier Spa and Laser Center, in Newark, Delaware, utilizes the Enlighten tattoo removal device which treats and removes unwanted tattoos more effectively and faster! Administered by our aestheticians and physicians, Enlighten is the best tattoo removal in Newark, Delaware.

We’re sure you’re wondering how it all works, and that’s what we’re here for! Enlighten has short and high power picosecond laser pulses which break down the ink into particles. The great part about picosecond laser pulses is that they are more effective than traditional lasers. By efficiently targeting and shattering the pigmented skin, Enlighten removes tattoos without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. With the rapid thermal expansion that Enlighten administers, the tattoo is broken out into minuscule particles which the body can absorb and excrete quicker.

Painless Procedure

Unlike laser tattoo removal which is extremely painful, can cause permanent scarring, and can leave residual ink from the tattoo, Enlighten is much less painful and focused on the revitalization of the skin after removal of the tattoo. Most people describe the removal as a rubber band slapping the skin and the recovery time is much shorter. In fact, you can carry on with your regular schedule as soon as you leave the center! Enlighten promises that the results will come faster, be better, and provide more complete tattoo removal. Meaning, fewer sessions, and more results, what can be better than that?

Contact Premier Spa and Laser Center to schedule your consultation today and stop living with that tattoo you hate just because you think it’s “permanent”. Tattoo removal in Newark, Delaware has just become easier.


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