What Is Diamond Facial Glow and How Will It Improve My Skin?

Are you looking for the facials to end all facials? The Diamond Glow facial treatment is perfect for those searching for a fast, effective facial in Delaware! So, just what is Diamond Facial Glow? We’ve got the breakdown on what Diamond Glow is, how it works for your skin, and if it’s the right facial […]

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  • Experience Skin Rejuvenation with HydraFacial Near Me

    With temperatures rising and the winter frost thawing, it’s high time to rejuvenate your skin! After this winter, we’re all looking for a solution to dry skin. Why not stop by Premier Spa and Laser Center for a HydraFacial near me? Our facial Delaware experts are prepared to provide you with the best facial in […]

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  • What Is An Enzyme Facial Treatment?

    With the change of the season just around the corner, it’s time to rejuvenate your skin in time for spring! One of our favorite ways to freshen up your look for the season is with our range of enzyme facials. You may be wondering “What is an enzyme facial treatment?” Premier Spa and Laser Center […]

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  • Knock Out Stubborn Double Chin with Kybella treatments

    Premier Spa and Laser Center promote body positivity, always. We don’t want to shame your features, we want to enhance them! This is exactly what the Kybella treatment does. Kybella is ideal for those who struggle with submental fullness, otherwise known as a “double chin.” Sometimes, diet, workout, and healthy living aren’t enough to cut […]

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  • Flavors Of the Season – Pumpkin and Cranberry Enzyme Facials

    It’s Premier Spa and Laser Center’s favorite time of year. With cooler weather rolling in, we’re rolling out our favorite enzyme facials that reflect the change of the season! When you think of fall, what comes to mind? If visions of pumpkins, Thanksgiving cranberries, and curling up in a comfy outfit run through your head, […]

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  • September Skincare Favorites: Revision Skincare®

    With the changes in the weather shifting daily, it’s important to keep an eye out for new products. Changing products during a season transition is ideal, as products may react differently depending on your environment and climate. Today, we’re here to give you some of our favorite skincare products that are perfect for the onset […]

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  • What Dermal Fillers Can’t Do

    Dermal fillers are a great option if you’re in the market for rejuvenating the skin. Having plump, youthful looking skin is a great example of what dermal fillers can do to help you achieve your dream face. But what can’t dermal fillers do? Here are a few things that estheticians at spas in Newark, DE […]

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  • How to Prepare for your Facials Newark, DE Appointment

    Premier Spa and Laser Center wants you to get the absolute most out of your facial. To do so, there are some important steps in preparation that can enhance your facials Newark, DE appointment! By following these recommendations, we believe that you will have made the most out of your spa day! Wear Comfortable Clothing […]

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  • The Latest Summer Skincare Trend: Ultherapy From Spas in Newark, DE

    With summer in full swing, there are many reasons why ultherapy is quickly becoming the “hottest” skincare trend. Summer means more backyard parties, more socializing, more free time and so much more. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get ultherapy from the best spas in Newark DE! So, you may be asking – what exactly […]

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