How to Prepare for your Facials Newark, DE Appointment

How to Prepare for your Facials Newark, DE Appointment

Premier Spa and Laser Center wants you to get the absolute most out of your facial. To do so, there are some important steps in preparation that can enhance your facials Newark, DE appointment! By following these recommendations, we believe that you will have made the most out of your spa day!

Wear Comfortable Clothing

You don’t want to be heading to your spa appointment dressed in an uncomfortable outfit. Choose an outfit that you feel best in, and make sure that the material will leave you feeling comfortable and cozy for your appointment!

Be Aware of the Products you Use at Home

It is important to know the products that you use at home. Your esthetician will need this information to help make recommendations for products you may want to add or drop from your at-home skin routine. Included in this list of things to know are any medications that you are currently taking, and any medical conditions that you have or have had in the past. This information is important for the esthetician to know, as they will know how your skin may react with certain products depending on your medical history.

Makeup is Optional

You can decide to enter your appointment bare-faced or glam. Either way, estheticians at spas in Newark, DE will remove your makeup and cleanse your face as part of your facials Newark, DE appointment.

Premier Spa and Laser Center | Newark, DE

We want your facials Newark, DE appointment to be the best that it can be! With these steps, you’ll be ready for your facial and can take full confidence in your appointment! Ready to schedule a facial with the top spas in Newark, DE? Contact us today!


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