What Is Diamond Facial Glow and How Will It Improve My Skin?

What Is Diamond Facial Glow and How Will It Improve My Skin?

Are you looking for the facials to end all facials? The Diamond Glow facial treatment is perfect for those searching for a fast, effective facial in Delaware! So, just what is Diamond Facial Glow? We’ve got the breakdown on what Diamond Glow is, how it works for your skin, and if it’s the right facial for you! Read on to discover just how our Diamond Glow facial can transform your skin.

What Is Diamond Facial Glow?

The Diamond Glow treatment is so much more than just a facial. The Diamond Glow targets and treats the following areas with its patented design:

The Diamond Glow device utilizes general dermabrasion to remove the top layer of the skin, revealing the soft and supple skin that you desire. The Diamond Glow facial also delivers topical cosmetic serums onto the skin to promote dewy, brighter skin.

How Does the Diamond Facial Work For My Skin?

The Diamond Glow facial wand works in a three-step process of exfoliation, extraction, and infusion. The exfoliation process is made possible by the patented recessed diamond tip that works to remove dry and damaged skin. The Diamond Glow facial features a high-power suction device that deep cleans your skin’s surface and pores, leaving you with a polished complexion. Finally, after the pores are opened and prepared for repair, the diamond glow treatment concludes with an infusion of serum

s into the skin to deliver top-notch results.

The results are noticeable after just one Diamond Glow facial treatment. The results don’t stop there, however! After each Diamond Glow treatment, your skin will continue to show improvement! Our facial specialists recommend one to two treatments per month to see desired improvement and glowing results.

Is the Diamond Glow Facial Right for Me?

The Diamond Glow facial is perfect for those who are in need of a refresh but don’t have the time in their schedules to set aside a whole day for an all-inclusive treatment. With the treatment taking as little as 30 minutes to perform, time is no longer a barrier! Not only is time a factor, but convenience is also as well! Makeup can be applied directly after the treatment, and there is no downtime required before returning to your normal activities.

Premier Spa and Laser Center | Best Facial in Delaware

The team at Premier Spa and Laser Center is dedicated to meeting all of our clients’ needs, including convenience. The Diamond Glow facial is the perfect way to treat yourself amid your busy schedule! Premier Spa and Laser Center wants to treat you this month. Now, in April, Premier Spa and Laser Center is offering Diamond Glow facial treatments with Tori for $150! To schedule an appointment or to learn more about if the Diamond Glow treatment is right for you, please visit our website or contact us today.


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