What to Avoid Before Juvederm Treatment

What to Avoid Before Juvederm Treatment

Juvederm, a dermal filler, is used to restore volume and youthfulness to your skin. It uses hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body that provides the skin with moisture, volume, and elasticity. It acts as a hydrating agent and plumps the desired area. Hyaluronic acid also boosts the skin’s production of collagen. When you are planning on getting a Juvederm treatment, there are a few things you should avoid to prepare for a comfortable, effective experience.


Any aspirin-based painkillers should not be used during the week before your treatment. You should also avoid Motrin or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Painkillers such as these can affect the bloodstream in a way that can lead to bruising from the treatment.

Anti-Aging Products

Anti-aging products can cause a change in the skin’s natural consistency, which may lead to bruising or unpredictable results. Avoid anti-aging products for two days before your session.

Vitamin E

People often use Vitamin E for its immune system benefits as well as its potential for lowering the risk of cancer and heart disease. It can have effects similar to those of aspirin on NSAIDS on treatment, so refrain from taking Vitamin E for 7-10 days before your treatment.

Gingko Biloba

Many people use Gingko Biloba because it is known to reduce anxiety and depression, improve circulation, and encourage heightened brain function. The improved circulation can lead to changes in the bloodstream that are not beneficial during treatment. Do not use Gingko Biloba for 7-10 days before treatment.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is often taken to encourage weight loss, improve heart health, and get healthier skin. However, these effects may be problematic for dermal filler treatments. Avoid any fish oil supplements for 7-10 days before treatment.


It is extremely important not to have alcohol in your system when treatment is performed, so do not consume alcohol during the 24 before your session. Avoid it altogether on the day before treatment.

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