Top 4 Popular Areas for Laser Hair Removal in Women

Top 4 Popular Areas for Laser Hair Removal in Women

When it comes to laser hair removal, there are many different areas that produce unwanted hair. Premier Spa and Laser Center is highly skilled in getting rid of any unwanted hair, and we strive to make each client feel the most confident version of themselves after each appointment. In this blog, the leader in laser hair removal Newark DE is here to share the most popular areas to receive laser hair removal!Premier Spa and Laser Center | laser hair removal Newark DE

Bikini Area

The bikini line is one of the most popular areas to get laser hair removal, especially in preparation for the summer! While this is a popular summer treatment, our laser hair removal Newark DE specialists perform this procedure year round! When preparing for your laser hair removal appointment, it’s important to keep in mind a few things:

About six weeks before your treatment, you’ll need to stop plucking, waxing, as the hair follicle needs to be intact during the treatment for proper removal.
Avoid certain medications such as blood thinners and pain relievers in the last few days leading up to your appointment.
Avoid tanning in the weeks leading up to treatment. The treatment is most effective when melanin levels are normal.

Underarms Area

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as going out in a sleeveless top and realizing you forgot to shave your underarms! We’ve all been there, and we’re here to tell you that this does not have to be the case. The laser hair removal Newark DE professionals can treat your underarms so that you can be confident anytime, anywhere!


The legs are one of the most common areas of treatment. For those who have sensitive skin and may react to shaving creams and gels that are essential to a clean shave, laser hair removal Newark DE is a great option for you! In shaving, the hair follicle remains intact, while laser hair removal removes the complete follicle, leaving you with smooth skin that lasts. These treatments may take multiple sessions to achieve desired results, as the laser hair removal Newark DE professionals note that during the hair growth cycle, not all follicles follow the same cycle. That is why we recommend scheduling multiple appointments to achieve the best results.


Laser hair removal treatments are gentle enough to remove unwanted hair from the most sensitive areas! If you struggle with unwanted facial hair, laser hair removal Newark DE treatments are the perfect solution to getting rid of that hair permanently! Worried about pain or sensitivity? No need! Our Gentle Max Pro hair laser system provides consistent, comfortable, and super-fast treatment with its patented Dynamic Cooling Device. The system works to release a burst of cryogen after each laser pulse, resulting in minimized discomfort and expedited treatment.

Premier Spa and Laser Center | Laser Hair Removal Newark DE

At Premier Spa and Laser Center, we want to help you achieve your wellness and beauty goals! Our experienced laser hair removal Newark DE specialists are prepared to provide you with quality treatment and care that will bring you desired results. Want to learn more about our services? Visit our website or contact us today.


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