The Best Time To Get Laser Hair Removal

The Best Time To Get Laser Hair Removal

If you have been thinking about undergoing laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair from stubborn or revealing areas, but are waiting for a sign that the time is right, here is that sign! October is the beginning of the fall and winter season, which is also the best time to go through the process of laser hair removal with Premier Laser Spa. Although, scheduling an appointment at Premier Spa and Laser Center for laser hair removal any time of the year is acceptable, doing so October through April are the best times, and here is why:

Limited Sun Exposure

Laser hair removal works best on untanned skin. Having sunburned, tanned, or even sun-kissed skin can increase the chance of inaccurate laser settings that can wind up doing damage to your body. In addition, the skin and the surrounding area of the treatment site are left sensitive. If these spots get direct prolonged sun exposure, they are susceptible to UV damage. For these reasons, the fall and winter months are the best time to receive any type of laser hair removal treatment from Premier Laser Spa because it is easier to cover up and protect your skin in the cooler months.

Preparation for Treatment

During the summer months is when the most skin is showing, can also mean the most hair is showing if trimming was forgotten. Laser hair removal targets active hair follicles, meaning that the laser can only work on follicles that have hair growing in them. Summer is a popular time for hair removal methods that last longer than shaving such as waxing and plucking. Due to the fact that these methods pull the hair out by the root and leaves nothing left for the laser to focus on, it is best to get treatment after the hair has had a few days to weeks to grow. Premier Laser Spa encourages shaving the treatment area one or two days before your appointment. This ensures that you aren’t walking around uncomfortable for weeks on end, and allows the laser to direct all of its energy down the short stubble and into the follicle.

Multiple Treatments from Premier Laser Spa

The process of laser hair removal takes longer than one or two sessions, even with professionals at Premier Spa and Laser Center. It can take up to a few months to complete the process because of the fact that your hair grows in cycles and the laser only can effectively target the hair in one of the three phases. While most patients see complete and permanent results after a series of three to six treatments from Premier Laser Spa, these sessions need to be spaced four to six weeks apart. That allows for a decent amount of hair growth, that may be unwanted in the summer months. It is easier to cover-up, be patient, and let the process run its course during the winter months when you aren’t as concerned about being uncomfortable, hairy, and hot.

Now that you know all about deciding on the perfect time to finally get your laser hair removal completed, here is an article about how to prepare for laser hair removal with Premier Laser Spa.

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