Telehealth Virtual Appointments

Telehealth Virtual Appointments

Telehealth is becoming a popular way to communicate with healthcare professionals from the comfort of your own home. It utilizes live video conferencing as a way to interact with your provider rather than visiting in person. Telehealth is made easy through the use of smartphones, tablets, or computers with a webcam that connects to the internet. Virtual visits allow for more flexible scheduling; we can even offer evening and weekend appointments.

Telehealth vs. Telemedicine

Telehealth is different from telemedicine because it refers to a broader scope of remote healthcare services including non-clinical services, such as provider training, administrative meetings, and continuing medical education, in addition to clinical services. Telemedicine, on the other hand, refers specifically to remote clinical services. It involves the use of electronic communications and software to provide clinical services to patients without requiring an in-person visit.

Our surgeons may use telemedicine to do post-operation check-ins with patients to make sure their wound is not infected. However, it should not be used for any condition where in-person exams or hands-on care is required because of severe symptoms, certain protocol-driven procedures, or aggressive interventions. Patients should go to the ER or call 911 for medical emergencies.


Teledermatology is a subspecialty of dermatology and probably among the most popular applications of telemedicine. Our specialists can discuss symptoms, medical issues, and more in real time. Patients can receive a diagnosis, learn about treatment options, and get a prescription. It is most commonly used for follow-up visits, management of chronic conditions, medication management, and specialist consultations.


Our electronic medical record system known as EMA has a patient portal in which patients can ask questions and update medical history. This information, as well as videos on telemedicine, are available on our website on the Telehealth page.

Virtual appointments are scheduled through our call center at 302-633-7550. Our staff will walk patients through what they need to do prior to their appointment. These appointments require a phone number, email address, internet access (preferable Mozilla or Safari), and a device with video capabilities. There is no extra fee for this service. Co-pays, co-insurance, or deductibles, if any, are the same as an in-person visit.


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