Hit Refresh Button With Clear + Brilliant

Hit Refresh Button With Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant | Premier Spa & Laser Center | Newark, DEOur Clear + Brilliant treatment is one of our most popular Aesthetician Services. It targets fine lines, reduces the appearance of pores and improves skin tone and texture. Clear + Brilliant is not as abrasive as Ablative Laser Treatments but is more thorough than microdermabrasion. This treatment is the ideal option for many patients because it is safe on the skin of any age. The Clear + Brilliant treatment uses pulsating beams of focused light to remove damaged skin and bring healthy, younger skin to the surface in a matter of a few days.

Your Session

Speaking with your aesthetician will help you find the skincare treatment that is right for you. This treatment is a particular favorite of many patients because of the speed of the procedure and its recovery time. Lasting about 30 minutes, a mild fractional laser is guided across the skin to create microscopic lesions across the surface of your face. These lesions are surrounded by large areas of healthy skin, which promotes quick healing! Using the Intelligent Optical Tracking System, it is ensured that you will receive uniform application across all treatment areas. This promotes new skin to rise to the surface evenly, giving you a fresh and even look.

The Results

Patients will experience different healing times, but typically experience the full effect of Clear + Brilliant in less than a week! Immediately following the treatment, your skin will be a little red like a sunburn. This can last 2-3 days, after which the skin on your face will peel, making way for perfect, even skin. Clear + Brilliant is the reset button your face needs. After just one session and a brief recovery period, your face will feel refreshed and smooth.

Refresh your skin from the inside out with Clear + Brilliant. This procedure is ideal for those looking for a quick and effective fix without the downtime. Routine treatments can keep your skin looking great, so get started today! To Schedule A Consultation, visit us online or call today!


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