Micropeels and You

Micropeels and You

Do you struggle with skin discoloration? How about deep wrinkles and extremely dry skin? Well fret no more because we have the solution for all of your skin problems! We’re not talking about injections or invasive surgeries here, we are talking about micropeels! Micropeels are one of the hottest trends in skincare, with even celebrities hopping on the micropeel bandwagon. The amazing thing about micropeels is that any skin type or condition can be treated, and with this sizzling new trend, many of your concerns can be corrected in no time. With a micropeel, you can get amazing results that won’t make you peel! Every single client that undergoes a micropeel boasts about how refreshed their skin looks and feels are the procedure. Now that you know what a micropeel is capable of, let us tell you more on how they work!

The Process

When it comes to getting a micropeel, the process is simple. The process begins with a chemical stimulant being applied to the skin. Initially, the skin will be carefully washed and after this it will be covered in a chemical solution. At first application you may experience some slight burning and itching, but boy are the results worth it. To assist with this, sometimes ice can be applied to the skin on the area, which will activate the skin before it is covered with a moisturizing cream.


Immediately following the peel, you are still able to apply any makeup and can go back to everyday living. Typically there is no visible evidence that you even received a peel, but be aware that redness can occasionally occur.

The Results are In

When it comes to getting a micropeel, there is one common element: all of your dead surface cells will shed and be peeled off of your skin- pain free of course. You’ll be able to see the full benefits of your peel in about two weeks but immediately after you will notice that your skin now feels and looks fresh. To maximize the benefit you will gain from a micropeel, you will need to have a total of about six micro peels within two week intervals. Following multiple peels, your results can be preserved by having a micropeel ever one to three months. For the best benefits micropeels should be utilized alongside a proper skin care routine.

The Pros and Cons of a Micropeel

Micropeels provide significant advantages that are noticeable in no time. This is not only because the items are more effective, but recuperation is actually swift. Micropeels not only enhance skin color, texture, overall appearance, and condition but will also minimize the noticeable size of the pores.

Now with all good things comes the potential for a slight drawback or two. The most significant drawback is that there is not a 100% success rate and sometimes a micropeel will not solve all of your problems. If you suffer with sensitive skin then you may notice some slight inflammation for one or two days after the procedure. If you do suffer with sensitive skin, then be sure to tell your provider so that the proper chemical concentration can be used on your skin.

Are You Ready For Healthy Skin?

Now that you know all there is to know about micropeels, schedule a consult and let us help you on your journey to healthier skin. Contact the professionals at Premier Spa today to look refreshed this holiday season. We look forward to speaking with you!


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