Break the Acne Cycle

Break the Acne Cycle

Everyone wants clear skin and confidence. If you struggle with acne, you are not alone. We’ve all been there; from a pesky pimple to a stubborn blackhead, acne not only causes unwanted bumps on your skin, but can take an emotional toll too.


By definition, acne is the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin, or more commonly known as a clogged pore. Often characterized by red pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts, acne can appear on the face, back, chest, neck, shoulders, upper arms, and buttocks. Acne affects men and women of all age groups, but teens are the most commonly affected. Unfortunately, acne doesn’t just affect the appearance of the skin but can play havoc with an individual’s self-esteem, mood, and personality.



It is important to understand your skin and the type of acne you commonly have in order to determine the perfect treatment for you. The type of treatment recommended will be based on the severity of the condition. Our board-certified dermatologists and estheticians create a customized treatment plan for our clients. At Premier Spa and Laser Center of Newark, DE we offer several solutions such as Isolaz, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, extractions, facials and pharmaceutical grade products to help alleviate or control your acne.



Isolaz is a unique acne therapy that combines vacuum and painless broadband light to deep clean and purify your pores from the inside out. It is a reliable and effective acne therapy with quick and long lasting results for all skin types. It can be used to treat the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders.



This non-surgical, non-invasive procedure utilizes a laser cut diamond tip in combination with light suction to improve the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and pigmentation, large pores, blackheads and light acne scars. The skin is gently sanded, removing the thicker uneven outer layer of cells/skin. It helps to thicken the collagen in the area treated. Collagen makes the skin appear taut and smooth.


Chemical Peels

Premier Spa & Laser Center customizes their peels to meet the needs of their clients. A peel consists of applying a chemical solution to the targeted area to superficially remove (peel) the outer epidermal layers of skin which hold onto damage and are often rough and dry. The type of chemical used will depend on your skin type and skin condition. These treatments can improve fine lines, pore size, sun damaged skin, uneven skin coloring and light acne scars.


Enzyme Peels

An alternative to chemical peels would be enzyme peels. An enzyme peel is a more gentle solution. They can speed up natural chemical reactions in the skin that renew skin cells while exfoliating dead cells. These peels can be used to diminish scars, age spots, fine lines and cleanse pores and improve skin tone and texture. There is no down-time since they do not damage any live tissue only exfoliating the dead cells.


Oxygen Treatment

Created to suppress oxidative injury to skin cells from aging, environmental toxins, bacterial and viral intrusion, solar radiation and diet. Oxygenating skin cells repair, regenerate and refine.



The best way to get rid of your blackheads and unwanted white bumps is having one our licensed aestheticians professionally remove them, this eliminates the risk of scarring or infection if you try to “pop” or “pick” them yourself. It can take several sessions to remove all blackheads and whiteheads since addressing too many at one time may be too traumatic to the skin. Our aestheticians may customize your treatment, combining extractions with other services, such as microdermabrasion, facial or Isolaz treatments.

No one wants to be plagued with the hassles of treating stubborn acne. With our multiple acne treatments at Premier Spa, we can help you get closer to having flawless acne-free skin. For more information on our services contact us today!


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