4 Reasons Men Should Get Facials Newark DE

4 Reasons Men Should Get Facials Newark DE

facials Newark DE | Premier Spa CenterA facial is a glamorous yet relaxing type of skin treatment for the face. It can include several steps, such as moisturizing, steaming, extracting, or exfoliating. Most assume facials Newark DE are solely for a woman’s face, however, men can benefit from receiving a facial from Premier Spa and Laser Center just as much or even more than women do! Listed below are four reasons for men to get a routine facial from the professional estheticians at Premier Spa and Laser Center today:

  1. Men have coarser skin and larger pores. While every man’s skin is unique, a males epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) typically, is approximately 20% thicker than that of a woman. Men also have more active sebaceous glands, and therefore more pores, than women, do. This results in both their sebaceous glands and their pores being larger. These pores can and do get clogged quite easily, which can then lead to numerous types of pimples. Facials Newark DE are a great step in the right direction to unclog your pores and exfoliate the skin, leaving it glowing.
  2. Irritation is caused by shaving. For men who shave their face frequently, this task stresses the skin and can cause irritation to such a sensitive area. When shaving with a dull or old razor you are more prone to nicks, razor burn, ingrown hairs, or breakouts. A facial will deep clean breakouts and soothe irritated skin. The esthetician will apply products with specific techniques that address shaving side effects and can even perform extractions of pimples or ingrown hairs, leaving your face smoother for a closer shave in the future.
  3. Men produce more oil. Men’s sebum production is double that of women due to their higher levels of testosterone, so male skin is oilier and shinier than female skin. As a result, its pH levels are lower than that of female skin, causing it to be more prone to impurities and acne. Facials Newark DE from Premier Spa and Laser Center will not only unclog pores, remove dead skin by exfoliating, but it will also prevent or treat acne in ways you can’t achieve with your bar of soap.
  4. You gain a better understanding of your skin. Just because men secrete more oil from their pores, doesn’t necessarily mean that all men have oily skin. Many suffer from dry facial skin or a combination of both dry and oily. Understanding how to take care of your skin to combat these issues at home can be extremely beneficial to the health of your facial skin. The professional estheticians at Premier Spa and Laser Center make it their business to learn as much as they can about your skin and how to counteract the issues that concern you during your facial appointment, then will teach you what products to use and how to use them at home yourself.

Facials aren’t just for women and are becoming more and more popular for the manliest of men to undergo the relaxing and rejuvenating treatment at Premier Spa Newark DE. If you are experiencing dry skin or oily skin, large or clogged pores, irritation caused by shaving, or just want to have a better understanding of how to take better care of your skin, make an appointment with one of our experienced estheticians today! Premier Spa and Laser Center’s facials Newark DE.

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With our deep understanding and appreciation for aesthetic concerns at all ages, the service offerings are based around the common conditions that both men and women experience. The physicians have carefully selected each technology based on its safety profile and proven scientific results. Premier Spa & Laser Center’s mission is to provide clients a place where comfort, beauty, and personalized attention combine to create a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Contact us or schedule your complimentary consultation today!


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