Use V Beam to Zap Away Skin Imperfections

Use V Beam to Zap Away Skin Imperfections

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about spring and summer attire! Everyone deserves to feel their best self and be comfortable in their skin. With Premier Spa and Laser Center’s V Beam laser treatment, this confidence is within reach! Are you searching for a V Beam laser treatment near me? Read on to learn more about how Premier Spa and Laser Center can enhance your confidence with our V Beam laser treatment.

V Beam Laser Treatment – How Does It Work?

The V Beam laser treatment uses pulse dye lasers to deliver intense yet gentle bursts of light into targeted areas where it is absorbed into the skin and blood vessels to treat the condition. Premier Spa and Laser Center uses V Beam Perfecta to provide the safest, most effective laser treatment.

The treatment is not painful, although patients may experience redness and symptoms that resemble a mild sunburn after the treatment. This redness should reside in a few hours. In certain cases, large bruises called purpura may form. The bruises usually disappear within three to five days. Our facial laser treatment professionals recommend avoiding sun exposure both before and throughout this treatment. So – what does the V Beam laser treatment near me even treat?

V Beam Laser Treatment Target Areas

The V Beam laser treatment works to address a number of concerns, including:

The number of treatments that will be required is determined at the time of your consultation. The number of V Beam laser treatments varies from case to case due to treatment plans being customizable to meet your skincare needs.

Premier Spa and Laser Center | Facial Laser Treatment

Premier Spa and Laser Center wants all of our clients to leave confident in themselves! Our V Beam laser treatments are designed to provide those who are searching for clear skin an opportunity to experience it pain-free! For more information regarding our facial laser treatment services, visit our website or contact us today.


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