• I would not hesitate to recommend Premier Spa & Laser Center

    On 11/21, I had the pleasure of having a consultation with Sara Jaber Reese, BSN. Ms. Reese was both friendly and professional in providing me guidance and information, which enabled me to make an informed decision regarding the best option for the desired outcome. Throughout the consultation, she explained various treatment options and the rationale for her recommendation. I left this appointment extremely satisfied with the service I received.

    Today, 1/14, I had the pleasure of meeting Aesthetician Ashley Smedley for a consultation followed by laser treatment for facial broken blood vessels. Ms. Smedley was very thorough in explaining the procedure as well as during the treatment and, in fact, found and treated numerous areas of which I was unaware. Throughout the initial consultation and during the treatment she was a very friendly and caring young professional.

    Based on my interactions and the care provided by each of these young women, I would not hesitate to recommend Premier Laser & Spa. Thank you!

    William J

  • Blown Away by Detail

    I was blown away by the detail at Premier Spa and Laser Center, from the decorations on the wall to the knowledge and attentiveness of the estheticians, I couldn’t be more pleased with this new space.

    Jill C.

  • Customer Service is Great

    The customer service at Premier Spa & Laser Center has been great! Everyone is so willing to help with my needs.

    Patricia W.

  • Something Great for Myself

    When I come to Premier Spa & Laser Center I actually feel like I’m doing something great for myself.

    Stephanie G.