Easy and Effective Tattoo Removal

Easy and Effective Tattoo Removal

Get Rid of Unwanted Tattoos!

Considering tattoo removal? Look no further. Here at Premier Spa and Laser Center of Newark, DE we’ve got exactly what you need to get rid of unwanted tattoos more efficiently than ever. Let us introduce you to our new laser tattoo removal device, the Enlighten.

More Efficient

Whether your tattoo was a temporary moment, a spontaneous action, or it just is not as attractive to you anymore, the Enlighten tattoo removal device can remove any unwanted tattoos. Different from other traditional laser removal devices, the Enlighten quickly breaks down the ink particles with its short, high power picosecond laser and multiple wavelengths. It is specifically designed to be less painful, faster, and result in a reduced number of treatments. The Enlighten is also constructed to treat a large variety of ink colors.

Quick and Easy

After only several weeks, you will quickly see your undesired tattoo fading away. The number of treatments necessary to remove the tattoo is determined by a variety of elements; including the size, depth, color and skin type.

Minimum Expense

The level of discomfort of the procedure does vary, however, we believe that the Enlighten minimizes the pain and number of procedures required to remove your tattoo compared to other laser tattoo removal devices. Post-treatment you will be able to return to regular activities immediately and may experience only short-term redness or swelling.

Don’t Wait, Come On By!

Are you interested in tattoo removal with the Enlighten? Contact us today or head on over to Premier Spa and Laser Center of Newark DE and we’d be happy to help.


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